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I'm always happy to discuss coin operated machines such as penny arcade, gumball or peanut machines, trade stimulators, music machines, countertop skill games, gambling machines, and slot machines. The follow gallery shows some of the various coin op machines that were manufactured to grab loose change. Some of the biggest manufacturers were:

Mills Novelty Company

Caille Brothers Company

Charles Fey & Sons Co.

O D Jennings

Watling Mfg. Co.

International Mutoscope

Exhibit Supply Company

Pulver Chewing Gum


I'm interested in buying dispensers, vendors, breath pellet and perfume machines, fortune tellers, mutoscopes, shooting ranges or rifle games, strength testers, roulette, horse race, stick or package gum ball machines, cigar venders, dice machines, electricity shock machines, cast iron 5 card poker machines, sports games (golf, basketball, football, baseball, boxing), target or skill games, match machines, porcelain tin steel or wood advertising, aluminum trade stimulators, comb vendors, lighter fluid, collar button machines, stamp venders, chocolate confection, music or musical machines, upright slot machines, trade stimulators, penny arcade, gambling machines, candy dispensers, mills novelty, jennings, pace, watling, caille, charles fey, etc....if you have a machine that operates on a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, silver dollar, or one cent, I'm interested in buying it for my collection.


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